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Innovative Marketing For The Innovators of The World

Building B2B Industrial, Manufacturing, and Technology Brands

Visual Design + Branding

Content Marketing

Digital Marketing

Trade Shows + Live Events

What We Offer

“I don't spend my time pontificating about high-concept things; I spend my time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.”

Elon Musk

Why Choose SpaceCity


The SpaceCity Total Marketing Solutions (TMS) toolkit is a mean bag of tricks. We deploy lead generation technologies and techniques custom tailored to our clients' industry-specific needs, thus enabling sales and business development teams of all stripes to thrive. 

Contract Awards

In a world of long, structured sales cycles defined by high-value contracts overseen by an average of five to seven decision-makers, SpaceCity's Total Marketing Solution (TMS) solidifies relationships between organizations, enabling our clients to close large, lucrative deals over and over again.


Our clients are experts in their respective fields. The SpaceCity team brings this expertise to the fore because there's no value in being the world's best kept secret. We build brands that captivate through our TMS strategic approach and give audiences a reason to pay attention.


The SpaceCity team recognizes that our clients have to contend with high Customer Acquisition Costs when operating in niche industrial markets. Hence, with our TMS approach, we never lose sight of ROI and Lifetime Value, rather than selfishly seeking glory for the sake of winning ad contests.

What Industries Do We Serve?



  • Do you only work with B2B clients?
    Yes. While we do work with other types of businesses on a case by case basis, we focus on B2B clientele due to our track record and experience in the B2B space.
  • How much will it cost for you to redesign my company's website?
    Since no two companies are alike and the quality of a company's current web presence varies significantly, please reach out to us via the Contact page to discuss what you hope to accomplish, how we can help, your budget, and so on.
  • I urgently need my logo redesigned. Could I pay extra for rush service?
    Depending on our production schedule, we may be able to offer expedited services with a rush service surcharge on top. However, we are not always available to accommodate a rush job. Please reach out via the Contact page and we will respond accordingly.
  • Whats with the "LaserCo"?
    We started out as a custom laser fabrication/engraving shop, taking on all types of projects before deciding to switch our "laser focus" to B2B marketing. We decided to keep the SpaceCity LaserCo name as a tribute to our origins. And yes, we still perform custom laser fabrication as part of B2B projects that we take on. Plus, who doesn't love lasers, especially in space. Pew Pew.
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