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Revamping & Rejuvenating a Resilient Repellant

Updated: Mar 22

A major building materials manufacturer had been experiencing a dip in sales with one of its water-repellant products that had been available for over 25 years. Despite its history as a workhorse and a tool in every waterproofing professional's toolkit, the product itself was:

  1. Suffering from the perception that it was an outdated technology due to newer, more “hip” offerings from competing building materials manufacturers. 

  2. Increasingly being sidelined by specifying engineers and subject matter experts as a "complementary" product and not as the primary method of waterproofing, thus reducing its revenue-realization potential.

The manufacturer had to decide whether to discontinue offering the product if sales did not pick up, due to the high costs of maintaining a dedicated production line.

The SpaceCity team conducted a deep dive into the product’s illustrious history and discovered that there was potential to pivot and position the product in an adjacent field of construction, namely, in transportation infrastructure engineering.

A product pivot proposal was presented to the sales and operations team. The SpaceCity team outlined the following actions necessary for a successful repositioning:

  1. Engage with existing distributors with strong networks within the transport infrastructure space.

  2. Pair distributor sales staff with company technical specialists in order to educate specifiers during sales calls. Prioritize product demonstrations and leverage the product's extensive history of accumulated technical data.

  3. Exhibit at targeted conferences and trade shows to maximize face-to-face interactions with target audiences.

  4. Establish several "pilot projects" as a showcase for a product pivot and potential "relaunch".

Within months, the company had identified opportunities that intrigued specifiers at the Deportment of Transportation and record volumes of the waterproofing product had been ordered, surprising even senior management and operations staff who had become accustomed to the sluggish sales and production of the product.

The pivot program ultimately proved successful as contractors and specifiers presented their experiences with the product at industry events - establishing the once struggling product as a novel protective system against corrosion and other waterborne ailments.

The sales team presented the water-repellant product as new but based on established technology that had been around for decades to help reassure more risk-averse clients. This helped to convert more risk-averse clients from municipalities and governmental agencies.

Ultimately, the pipeline for sales opportunities filled up quickly thanks to a strong joint rejuvenation effort between the SpaceCity team, the manufacturer, and third party distributors once struggling product that was on the verge of discontinuation.



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