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Sagging Sales Experience Southern Surge

Updated: Mar 19

When a construction chemicals manufacturer’s initial attempt at penetrating markets in the southern United States failed to take off, they turned to the SpaceCity team in order to formulate a “plan of attack” before investing further. 

SpaceCity conducted extensive market research and postulated that the company’s difficulty in gaining traction throughout the Southern US markets was due to several factors.

  1. The company’s extensive training program, while suitable for its traditional stronghold markets on the East and West coast, did not account for market dynamics in the south.

  2. Marketing collateral, including trade show booth materials, brochures, technical data sheets, case studies, and other sales enablement marketing tools were not customized for target audiences. There was little understanding of the market conditions in the local construction chemicals sector,

  3. Despite successful outreach by a talented outside sales team, the technical data supplied did not align with expectations from specifiers in the southern markets.

The company retained SpaceCity’s services in order to conduct local market research and spearheaded a program of “localization”.

With guidance from the SpaceCity team, the brand name as well as the reputation of the company's products gained prominence, and revenues doubled in one year after implementing SpaceCity's recommendations.



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