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From Silos to Synergies

Updated: Mar 23

The Sales and Business Development leadership at a global industrial infrastructure conglomerate required assistance with a newly-consolidated entity comprising a number of separately acquired companies. Space City LaserCo's business development and branding specialists were on hand to assist with the consolidation.

SpaceCity LaserCo were engaged to assist primarily with marketing communications, establishing brand guidelines, and analysis of the individual component companies' operations. The aim of the analytic exercise was to discover:

  1. The strengths and weaknesses of each company's brands.

  2. Synergies and overlaps in the component companies' operations and sales/marketing functions.

Our research helped us to understand the manifold efficiencies (and lack thereof) that had emerged as part of the merger.

One of the primary challenges that we had to deal with was presenting the new brand to existing clientele.

The vast majority of existing sales and BD team members, while not actively resistant to the merger, had to be convinced themselves of the benefits and strengths of operating under the umbrella of the merged entity.

Silo mentality had to be overcome, and SpaceCity consultants had to present a detailed analysis for senior management that included a roadmap towards integration.

Without getting too granular, SpaceCity achieved the following during the consolidation:

  1. Wrote and designed key marketing collateral such as presentation slide decks, infographics, sell sheets, case studies, and brochures, technical data sheets, as well as numerous internal procedural documents that assisted with operational consolidation outside of mere sales and marketing functions.

  2. Penetrated individual company silos as a neutral entity and provided sales analyses to sales/BD teams that enabled each component company to visualize opportunities, share sales contacts, and collaborate on packaging and bundling their product and service offerings to their respective clients.

  3. Conducted market research and utilized internal sales data from the different component companies in order to highlight major project opportunities while matching the opportunity to the most relevant sales/BD specialists within the consolidated team.

  4. Discovered gaps in operations capabilities while conducting extensive bird's-eye view analyses. We found a lack of expertise and field specialist personnel in certain geographic markets and verticals (offshore vs onshore services for example). We also discovered that while there were numerous opportunities for the consolidated team to capitalize upon, we also spotted gaps in equipment capacity and availability of trained operators.

  5. While one company may have had a front end view of one part of the project, for example, the companies handling the back end opportunities had to make the necessary capital investments in order to win their part of the project of to present their services together with the front-end team as a unified team.

We hope that this case study shines some light on some of the challenges encountered not just by M&A activity but also by companies simply looking to expand their product and service offerings. Regardless of the industry and verticals at hand, the SpaceCity team provides a thorough bird's-eye view analysis that is supported with marketing, sales, and technical writing, design, coaching, project management, procurement, and research services.



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