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From Finicky Fails to Flourishing Fleets

Updated: Mar 19

Frustrated with their ad-hoc marketing approach and inefficient sales operations, a local graphics company sought out SpaceCity LaserCo’s expertise in developing a coherent and strategic business development strategy.

SpaceCity’s research team dove headfirst into the organization’s sales and business development practices. While tenacious and passionate, the salesforce' approach was disjointed and over-reliant on fielding time-consuming, inbound consumer inquiries.

Furthermore, the team recognized the presence of a stubborn resistance to change. There were signs that attempts to institute a formal, rigid sales process would fail. 

Rather than shrink from an uncomfortable challenge, the SpaceCity team opted instead to lead by example, and offered to implement a digital marketing campaign that targeted commercial fleets requiring vehicle graphics.

While the company had provided vehicle graphics in the past, they were usually restricted to low-margin, low-value contracts for consumer vehicles. Consumers seeking vehicle graphics were usually extremely price sensitive and require just as much if not more attention compared to B2B clients.

Within weeks, the company had accumulated a healthy chunk of leads. During the qualification process, the graphics company focused on B2B commercial client leads. In a short period of time, the graphics company had maxed out its operational capacity for vehicle graphics, as B2B customers with fleets of commercial vehicles began to send vehicles for graphic application.

Furthermore, the Cost of Acquisition of Customers was lowered, and client Lifetime Value increased as sales representatives did not have to spend extensive amounts of time on difficult low-value consumer leads and could instead focus on B2B clientele wielding large budgets.



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