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A Tale of TransAtlantic Tech Transfer

Updated: Mar 23

A recently-acquired oilfield services division of a Fortune 500 conglomerate needed to "localize" a technology that it had imported from one of its sister companies based in the UK and reached out to Space City LaserCo to assist in this endeavor.

Previous efforts at deploying the technology in the North American region were undertaken entirely by the UK division. While the Brits had managed to secure a handful of wins in the Western Hemisphere, senior management at the corporate level believed in the technology's potential and initiated a technology transfer from the UK to the North American market to supercharge growth and further strengthen its overall suite of North American oilfield services.

SpaceCity's primary task at hand also required straddling both the legacy identities of the acquired oilfield services companies and their collective integrated identity as members of a vast Fortune 500 Portfolio that is a household name in itself.

We had to consider the mandates shouldered by corporate leaders who had to demonstrate progressive integration of their acquisitions to stakeholders, while also considering the risk of alienating clients who maintained their loyalty to the existing brands of the acquired companies.

SpaceCity worked closely with members of the Operations, Inside Sales, and Business Development teams in order to gain broad organizational buy-in of efforts to realize the successful North American commercialization of the imported UK technology. 

Engaging with the Inside Sales & proposals team, SpaceCity produced and refined proposal templates for the UK-origin technology that adopted local norms that were in line with American clients' understanding and expectations.

SpaceCity also developed a plug-and-play estimating tool that would streamline the proposals compilation process. Key proposal documents such as Quality Assurance Plans were also created in template form, and sales personnel were trained on how to obtain the requisite inputs for every proposal submitted.

While collaborating with the Operations team, SpaceCity embedded itself with the equipment manufacturing staff at the company's manufacturing workshops that were assembling spreads of equipment heading out to the oilfield (that included the new imported technology) as well as field service personnel at ongoing job sites who were operating the machinery.

We were tasked with producing manufacturing guideline documentation, instruction manuals, standardized checklists, and quality plans for field service American personnel that did not always have the guiding hand of experienced UK specialist supervisors that had been sent from the UK to help facilitate the technology transfer.

SpaceCity also developed bespoke marketing collateral for the Business Development/outside sales team. Presentation materials were tailored for specific audiences such as engineers, EPCI contractors, and owner-operators. These materials and reworked marketing collateral pieces allowed for effective micro-targeting and helped to maximize the efficiency of BD/outside sales operations. The marketing collateral also incorporated new brand guidelines devised by SpaceCity, working in tandem with the client's corporate marketing managers.

The commercialization of the oilfield service technology was a success thanks to the joint efforts of a tenacious oilfield services organization newly armed with tools that allowed them to confidently manufacture, market, and operate the UK-origin technology to local customers.

The fiscal year ended as a record revenue year for the oilfield services segment, with a record high number of construction equipment spreads and American field service personnel deployed, a testament to:

  1. The Inside Sales & proposals team's agility in structuring and submitting commercial and technical proposals.

  2. The Operations specialists manufacturing and deploying equipment systematically using standardized quality procedures and guidelines.

  3. The Business Development & outside sales team's ability to keep the sales pipeline full utilizing tailored tools to appeal to the multitude of decision-makers in a long-lead, complex sales cycle.



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